Anonymous asked: Can you please write down the restaurants with the photos food you post! I really want to try some of it :)

so demanding LOL but yea sure, just ask which one or if you’re following me on twitter you’d probably see where i check in and I often tweet about where im at eating, 

Day 26 January 26, 2012. Thursday.

#fromwhereIstand Went skating with Eman and Jomar, hella tiring but fun sessh

Day 25 January 25, 2012. Wednesday. 

Frugality is important. 

Day 24 January 24, 2012. 

DInner with ed and supposedly conly after work out


Day 23 January 23, 2012. Monday

 I love kiwi. I like the softness and the texture the seeds provide.

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Day 22 January 22, 2012.

Self portrait, I got a buzz cut, something new and old

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Internet memes on SCC whiteboard, I had to say “this is good.” I applaud whoever drew all these. 


Day 20 January 20, 2012. Friday

There is no darkness but Ignorance- William Shakespeare. Went to O.noir to try a very interesting way of eating, this is the restaurant where you eat in the dark, it is pitch black inside and you won’t be able to see anything. It’s as if you’re blind. It was a very fun experience. 


Day 19 January 19 2012. Thursday.

Let it snow. 


Day 18 January 18, 2012. Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Murissa!

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Day 17 January 17, 2012. Tuesday

Beef Burger from W Burger Bar

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Day 16 January 16, 2012. Monday

I love lemon, I just recently pronounced my love for lemons. It all started with tequila, now I put it in everything. And lemon water is better than normal water, justsayin

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Day 15 January 15, 2012. Sunday.

Tita Cathy’s baby, I forgot his name lol. Aw babies are so cute doe


Day 14 January 14, 2012. Saturday

Yorkdale mall, not my home-mall but it’s nice to pay a visit once in a while. 

Day 13, January 13 2012 Friday.

Chicken Pad Thai from Fickle. Holly, Michael and I went to fickle for dinner and I was just third-wheeling the whole time. Oh nbd lol. The food there is good and the place is nice but a bit cheesy with all the hearts and changing lights, that’s what fickle means. 

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